NeuroCell is a supplement for your brain that makes claims it may help increase short and long term memory, as well as improve your overall energy levels. They boast NeurCell has a patented blend of ingredients that have been proven to work and if you take one every morning you will have more focus and energy all day long.

What’s in NeuroCell that they say makes it so great for my noggin?

NeuroCell lists their ingredients as:

  • Vitamin B3 Niacin
  • Vitamin B6 Pyridoxine HCL
  • And a “proprietary blend” of: Caffeine, GABA ,Bacopa Monneri, Alpha GPC, L-Theanine, Phosphatidylserine (20%), L-Tyrosine, Vinpocetine, Huperzine A (1%)

There is no information as to how much of any one ingredient there is in NeuroCell.

Is there any proof any of the ingredients in NeuroCell will help me with focus, memory, or energy?

Not really. The science of nootropics (that’s the fancy way of saying smart drugs) is still in its infancy; in spite of development since the 1970s there is still a lack of conclusive evidence that they really work. Most studies have been conducted on lab rats or students in a controlled environment that don’t replicate the outside world.

We know so little about the human brain that it stands to reason we don’t know enough about how, or if, a pill will actually work to make you smarter or more focused.

The one glaring exception to this is caffeine.

Caffeine, as you probably know, is a stimulant found in coffee, sodas, and so-called energy drinks and is the most widely consumed drug in the world. This is because caffeine stimulates our nervous system and blocks adenosine, a chemical that makes us tired. The result is you are more awake and alert, ready for work or play.

And while caffeine is generally considered safe, it depends on the dosage and reactions vary from person to person. Most people have around 500 mgs a day, the equivalent of 2 cups of coffee. Above that, however, caffeine becomes unsafecausing jitters, nausea, increased heart rate, insomnia, and other unpleasant conditions.

How much do they charge for a bottle of NeuroCell brain supplement?

NeuroCell sells 3-tiered packages:

  • Tier one: 1 bottle NeuroCell $53.98
  • Tier two: 3 bottles NeuroCell $104.97
  • Tier three: 5 bottles NeuroCell $144.95

Each bottle of NeuroCell is said to last one month and your order includes free shipping. There is also mention in the terms and conditions of 2 bottles High Potency Omega Fish Oil being offered at checkout for $29.95, which they state you can opt-out of if you choose.


Is there a money back guarantee for NeuroCell smart drugs?

NeuroCell only accepts refunds for unopened bottles, which must be requested within 30 days of the date your order is billed. You must call NeuroCell customer service by phone in order to receive an RMA to send your products in.

NeuroCell customer service phone (844) 272-0011

Bottom Line: Is NeuroCell a smart way to enhance my brain?

No. Why do we say this with certainty? First of all, as we mentioned earlier, there is very little evidence any of the listed ingredients work to enhance memory, recall, focus, or processing speed aside from caffeine.

Caffeine is of course very effective at certain doses to give you a little bit of energy and focus. If you already drink coffee or Red Bull and you pop a pill of NeuroCell, you risk overload or possibly overdose.

Second, there is no money back guarantee if you open NeuroCell and actually try it. Since their terms and conditions state you likely won’t see any results until you use it for 3 months, you are going to have to spend at least $104.97. And if you forget to opt-out of the bottles of Omega 3 fish oil, you’ll be on the hook for $29.95 more.

How to learn more about smart drugs

If the concept of nootropics appeals to you, you are certainly not alone. Everyone from students to CEOs gobble up these pills in hopes of getting a big brain boost – often times they just end up with insomnia or the runs.

Generally speaking, nootropics are considered safe so long as they are bought from a reputable company. We only recommend supplements that carry the US Pharmacopeia (USP) Seal on their label; USP is the oldest non-profit independent laboratory in the United States. To learn more about why we love them so much, click here. NeuroCell does not carry the USP Seal.

We’ll also recommend visiting the Reddit Nootropics forums, where human guinea pigs discuss their own personal experiences with various ingredients and supplements. There is also their Beginner’s Guide to Nootropics, which includes some of the latest evidence of their effectiveness (you should also learn how to read a clinical study.

Still, the medical consensus for having better focus, memory, and processing involves a healthy diet, plenty of sleep, regular exercise, and less stress. Reading books and learning a new skill also help keep us sharp.

If you are a coffee drinker, there is strong evidence 2 cups a day can help lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and even ED.

Therefore, we suggest having 2 cups of coffee in the morning, taking a break in the afternoon that involves walking or jogging, and reading or doing a crossword at night. That is sure to improve your memory and life better than NeuroCell.

You may also be interested in our Smart Guide to Buying Smart Drugs.

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