Active Mind is an “As Seen On TV” brain supplement that the manufacturers promise will improve your mental performance. They state if you take Active Mind, within one hour you will have more focus and a clearer head so you can concentrate better.

The Active Mind Pitch

Unlike other nootropics (that’s the fancy name for these so-called “smart drugs”) that list dozens of ingredients, Active Mind claims to contain just 3: Choline, L-Theanine, and good ol’ Caffeine. They claim that these have been SCIENTIFICALLY SHOWN (emphasis theirs) to improve clarity and focus. However, they don’t list any specific studies and in the fine print they note that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Active Mind Costs…

$24.90 ($19.95 plus $4.95 shipping) for the first 30-day supply and then after that you will be automatically billed $44.90 ($39.95 plus $4.95) and shipped another bottle of Active Mind every month unless you call to cancel.

Active Mind offers a one-year money back guarantee, saying they will refund the unused portion, no questions asked.

Bottom Line: Will Active Mind Improve My Focus and/or Memory?

Puritan’s Pride, makers of Active Mind, touts the fact that they have been in business 40 years and their products are rigorously tested for quality. This may be true, but the BBB had no information or rating on them; we do appreciate their one-year money back guarantee.

As to Active Mind itself, there is simply insufficient evidence that it – or any other nootropic – actually improves memory and/or concentration. Sure, there have been lots of studies (a few of which you will find here) but as an ABC News reportconcluded, these have only been done on a very small scale. For example, they reported that while choline (one of the ingredients of Active Mind) appeared to increase a key neurotransmitter in rats, the effect has yet to be studied on humans. Similarly, WebMD says there is insufficient evidence that L-Theanine helps prevent dementia or other mental conditions.

Of course we all know and love caffeine, another ingredient in Active Mind and many of us rely on to wake up in the morning. Some studies show it improves memory tasks and concentration, others show it hinders short-term memory. And for some it can have side effects like anxiety and the jitters.

The good news is that Active Mind won’t hurt you (unless you have a bad reaction to caffeine). But as to whether it will help you, the jury is still out. What we do know is it will cost you at least $24.90 to find out.